January 21-25


Hello students and parents! Thanks for checking in. Here are our plans for this week:


SPELLING: Students will use spelling patterns to spell new words. We will review the spelling of each word by chanting them, outlining them and playing Mind-reader. Students will take a spelling test of these words on Friday.

This week’s list:

  • happiest
  • prettier
  • tallest
  • slower
  • longer
  • happier
  • prettiest
  • taller
  • longest
  • slowest
  • temple
  • calendar
  • priest
  • stelae
  • stucco

Bonus: Martin Luther King Jr.


Reading and Writing: Our students will continue reading their at home-novel. Girls: The Hundred Dresses  by Eleanor Estes, and boys: A Taste of Blackberries by Doris Buchanan Smith. The students will read the book at home and meet in Literature Circles for discussion in the classroom every Thursday. This week we will be concluding our Poetry Unit. Our third graders will be presenting their own poems in a Poetry Cafe on Friday, January 25. Parents are welcome to join us! The students may bring hot chocolate and cookies to share with classmates and guests.

We will also be reading Around the World in 80 days by Jules Verne for our read-aloud session in Library.

fractionsMath: We will assessing our Fractions Unit through a chapter test on Thursday. Our students will only have 1 Math IXL skill this week in order to give them time to practice for the test.


Social Studies: Our third graders are thrilled about our Mayan Unit. This week the students will continue visiting different stations and complete a variety of activities related to the Mayans’ Calendar, Religion, Geography, Temples, and Society. Our third graders are preparing a fabulous Mayan Museum in which they will demonstrate their understanding of the Ancient Civilizations Unit. The students will be wearing Mayan outfits for this presentation. More information will be given this week. Please keep in touch.

Art & Technology: We will use IXL, Google Docs, Google Classroom, and You tube Videos as part of daily classwork and homework.

Handwriting: We will continue practicing Cursive Handwriting. The students must complete two pages for homework this week.

homework*This third quarter we will be working on Language Arts IXL. We will introduce mini-lessons in class for Grammar and Mechanics. Our students will have 2 Language Arts IXLs for homework every week.

IXL Math Skills: W.11

IXL Language Skills: K.1 & K.2

Spelling: Choose 1 activity from the Spelling Menu and complete it on your notebook.

Handwriting: 2 pages

Reading: Girls-The Hundred Dresses ( Ch. 5-6)

Boys- A Taste of Blackberries (Ch. 5-6)


Half-day: This coming Friday, January 25 is a half-day. Students will be dismissed at 11:45.

Have a wonderful week!

Ms. Dariela


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