Week of August 14-18

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Hello parents and students!

We had a great first week getting back to classes! We have slowly been getting to know one another, the school, and some of our class routines and procedures. This week we will finish up several preliminary diagnostics to see where the students are and will begin to cover new material from third grade and review a few things from last year.


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Language Arts

This week we will complete our running records to determine the approximate reading fluency and comprehension levels of your child. We will also review the types of literature genres and classify texts between fiction and non-fiction. We will begin practicing Word Wall Words with several activities.

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Last week we had a short quiz to see how well the students have mastered material from second grade. This week our math homework will be individualized based on those results and help determine individual instruction and where we are headed as a class. We will be learning about number bonds in class this week and will have several activities to improve fluency with addition and subtraction.

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Social Studies

In Social Studies this week we will begin talking about communities, government, and right and responsibilities. As a class we will decide what kind of environment we would like to learn in and make a list of classroom rules upon which to base our tiny community.


This week we will teach the students how to log into IXL if they do not already know how do so by themselves. We will have two Language IXL practices, D.7 and D.8, which will align with our Word Wall Words and also two to three math IXLs based on your child’s math diagnostic.

That is it for this week! We will start getting back into more regular routines this week and even do some “work.” 😉 But we will continue to have several fun activities to help us get to know one another and feel more comfortable in class. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Thank you parents for your support!

Mr. Andrew


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