Week of August 28th to September 1st

Hello parents and students!

We hope you had a great weekend! Last week we had lots of fun, including watching the solar eclipse, performing short plays, and playing Codenames! This week we have even more in store for you! Here is what we have planned:

Language Arts

Image result for little house in the big woods

This week in Working With Words we will focus on using familiar word families to spell new words and also adding -ing endings to these words. The words of the week are: run, bat, spin, skip, crop, where, and won’t.

In Guided Reading class we will begin a new unit on character traits. This is one of the larger units we do and one of the most important. We will be looking for explicit details in several texts to explain the words and actions of characters and make inferences about them. We will be reading excerpts from  The BFG and Little House in the Big Woods.

In Writing class we will practice writing dialogue to aid us in improving our writing.


Image result for open number line examples

In Math class this week we will continue to use number lines to solve problems.

Social Studies

Image result for government

This week in Social Studies class we will post our class guidelines and continue our talk about rules and consequences, and consider how governments establish laws.


This week’s homework will help the students practice using the past tense of many common irregular verbs. The homework will also help the students improve their fluency with simple addition and subtraction problems.

Monday: 3rd Grade LA IXL D.11 and D.12

Tuesday: 2nd Grade Math IXL K.1 and K.2

Wednesday: Individual IXLs

Thursday: Individual IXLs

Friday: Relax

That’s all for now! Have a great week parents!

Mr. Andrew


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