Week of September 4-8

Hello parents and students!

We hope you had a great weekend! We had lots of fun last week learning about character traits, practicing with number bonds, and thinking about our waste and where it comes from. Here is what we have planned for this week:

Language Arts

Image result for charlotte's web

This week in Guided Reading we will continue to study Character Traits. We have looked at the appearance and actions of several characters from The BFG and Little House in the Big Woods, and now we will look at the speech, thoughts, and emotions of characters. This week we will read excerpts from Charlotte’s Web and Sarah, Plain and Tall.

Our Word Wall Words for the week are make, joke, skate, ride, mine, through and threw. We will practice several activities to help the kids apply these word families and write these words with the -ing ending.

This week we will practice improving our writing by creating dialogue using quotation marks.


Image result for graphs

We will continue to practice using number lines this week. We will also begin reviewing graphs for our new science unit on weather.

Social Studies/Science

Image result for weather

This week we will discuss our waste more and hold class elections for the Student Environmental Council. We will also begin a new unit in Science class on the topic of weather.


Our homework for this week will continue to give the students practice with past tense verbs. We will also begin using a new site called ReadWorks which has a variety of informational texts the students will read. Students will also be viewing short clips from movies and then “writing” these scenes in class. The students will only need to watch these videos at home and in class we will be writing the dialogue. So if they are watching a video for homework, they aren’t lying! 😉

Monday: Watch video clip, LA IXL D.13

Tuesday: Watch video clip, LA IXL D.14

Wednesday: ReadWorks Article: The Whys of Weather: Clouds

Thursday: Readworks Article: The Whys of Weather: Rain

Friday: Relax!

That’s it for now parents! Have a great week!

Mr. Andrew


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