Grade 3 Information

Information Regarding Third Grade

Please look through all of the attached documents to find out the schedules, content, and procedures for the subjects this year in Third Grade.


3rd Grade Supplies List 2017-2018

3rd Grade Schedule 2017-2018

Quarter by Quarter 2017-2018

Homework Policy


We generally take at least one fieldtrip per semester, sometimes as an elementary school, but also as an individual class. Our fieldtrips are chosen in relation to the material we are covering as a class and special opportunities which come up during the school year. This year we hope to have several fieldtrips which will help us develop our new Next Generation Science curriculum. On past trips we have gone to:

El Museo de Identidad Nacional (MIN)


AgroFam (agricultural fair)

La Tigra

La UNAH (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras)


Occasionally in the school year we will watch movies together as a class. The titles we select are based upon books that we have read together as a class. After watching the movies we usually have a class discussion and sometimes a student assignment to make comparisons of the two formats. (Usually we find that the books are much better! 🙂 ) We try to do this about twice a year. Past movies have included:

Hugo Cabret


Fantastic Mr. Fox

Charlotte’s Web





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