Week of October 2-3

Hello parents and students!

We had another great week in third grade! We have been hard at work practicing what we have learned about character traits, the weather, and multiplication! Although this is a VERY short week, we have lots to get done!

Language Arts

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We will finish up our character traits boxes this week and evaluate them in Language Arts class. Our summaries will compose our writing component of this project. Next week we will start our final project for this unit. Students will get to choose between creating a character traits box or a tableaux to show their understanding. This final project will be completely independent and represent all of our hard work over the course of this unit. We are very excited to see the kids becoming more independent and responsible for their work!


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In math this week we will continue to practice solving multi-digit multiplication problems through modelling and the Mr. Andrew Crazy Way.


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In science class this week we will learn more about climates and where to find them throughout the world.


This week’s homework will focus on helping the students develop their skills with multiplication and repeated addition. These IXL practices will be differentiated for your individual child.

Monday: Individual Math IXL Practices

Tuesday: Individual Math IXL Practices

Thank you parents! Have a great break!

Mr. Andrew


Week of September 25-29

Hello students and parents!

We hope you had a great weekend! Last week we had lots of fun writing acrostics, performing a short play, and learning more about clouds and storms! We have even more fun in store this week!

Language Arts

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We will continue our final review of Character Traits this week. We will be creating character traits boxes using cereal boxes, our inferences, and a little bit of creativity! Please send a cereal box with your child by Wednesday at the latest.

Our writing this week will be integrated into our character traits box. We will be writing short summaries of the explicit details of the characters and a summary of our inferences about them.

Our Working With Words words this week are: heat, view, write, and test. We will be working with the prefix pre-.


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In math this week we will continue working with graphs about the data we have gathered for our science unit and also begin learning about multiplication by using manipulatives.


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We will be scanning the skies this week and learning how to predict storms!


Monday: Type one acrostic poem you have written from our Character Traits unit in the Google Drive

Tuesday: 3rd Grade LA IXL N.1

Wednesday: Individual Math IXL Practices (see your child’s Learning Log)

Thursday: Individual Math IXL Practices (see your child’s Learning Log)

Friday: Relax!

Thank you for your support parents! Have a great week! Don;t forget that Friday is a half day! We will be leaving at 11:45 am. 🙂

Mr. Andrew

Week of September 18-22

Hello students and parents!

We had a fun, but short week last week! We celebrated Honduran Independence Day, finished our “scripts” for the short video clips, and learned even more about character traits! Here are our plans for this week!

Language Arts

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In Guided Reading this week we will be creating short tableauxes from the first chapter of Charlotte’s Web and considering the explicit actions and speech of the characters to make inferences about their character and how they interact with other characters.

In Writing class we will be writing short acrostic poems about one of the character we have read so far in our character traits unit. Students will choose from either the BFG, Fern, or Anna and make a poem. During the week we will review each other’s work and use a thesaurus to improve our word choice.

Our Word Wall Words for this week will be pack, play, drill, fill, and check. We will learn about the prefixes re-, pre-, and mis- as well, and add -ed and -ing endings to these words.


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This week in Math class we will be learning about the Concrete, Pictorial, and Abstract forms of representation to show our work when solving problems. We will also begin to study multiplication and related strategies such as skip counting and adding on.


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This week in Science class we will continue to learn about clouds and the weather. We will be creating models of cloud types and learning how to identify these types of clouds and when a storm is coming. We will also be creating Paper Slide Videos to show our understanding of this topic. Please allow your child to bring in their electronic device this week.


This week’s homework will include individual reading and math assignments in ReadWorks and IXL. The entire class will also have Language Arts IXL. In order to assure that each student is completing their work and that they are communicating these assignments with their parents we ask that you please sign your child’s Learning Log once they have completed their homework for the week.

Monday: ReadWorks Article

Tuesday: ReadWorks Article

Wednesday: 3rd Grade LA IXL N.4 and N.5

Thursday: Individual Math IXL Practices

Friday: Relax!

Thank you for your support parents!

Mr. Andrew

Week of September 11-13

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Hello parents and students!

Wow! How quickly the month of August flew by! We have already had over a month of classes! It has been a pleasure getting to know your children; their strengths and weaknesses and everything that we hope they will achieve this year! I have spoken with many of you in person and via email, but this week we will also send home an official progress report about how your child is doing. I will request to meet with many of you to discuss how your child is doing and answer any questions you may have. These progress reports will be sent home Wednesday.

Last week we had fun building our own rain gauges, playing Kahoot! and making organizers with recycled art materials. We also got some learning in as well! 😉 Here is what we have planned for this week!

Language Arts

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Although this is a short week, we will study more about character traits. We will look explicitly for thoughts and emotions this week, and review the other details we can find in a story.

In writing class we will continue to type up our dialogue piece from the short movie clips. The kids have had lots of fun with this! We will also have a reflection on the story we will read from, Sarah, Plain and Tall.

There will not be any Word Wall Words this week, due to the holiday break.

Math and Science

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We will continue to study weather this week in science class. We will learn more about storms and continue to gather measurements about our local weather.


This week’s homework will give the kids more practice with past tense verbs and also a short article from ReadWorks.

Monday: 3rd Grade LA IXL D.15 and D.16

Tuesday: ReadWorks Article

Wednesday: Relax and celebrate Honduran Independence Day!

Thank you for all of your support parents! Have a wonderful holiday!

Mr. Andrew

Week of September 4-8

Hello parents and students!

We hope you had a great weekend! We had lots of fun last week learning about character traits, practicing with number bonds, and thinking about our waste and where it comes from. Here is what we have planned for this week:

Language Arts

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This week in Guided Reading we will continue to study Character Traits. We have looked at the appearance and actions of several characters from The BFG and Little House in the Big Woods, and now we will look at the speech, thoughts, and emotions of characters. This week we will read excerpts from Charlotte’s Web and Sarah, Plain and Tall.

Our Word Wall Words for the week are make, joke, skate, ride, mine, through and threw. We will practice several activities to help the kids apply these word families and write these words with the -ing ending.

This week we will practice improving our writing by creating dialogue using quotation marks.


Image result for graphs

We will continue to practice using number lines this week. We will also begin reviewing graphs for our new science unit on weather.

Social Studies/Science

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This week we will discuss our waste more and hold class elections for the Student Environmental Council. We will also begin a new unit in Science class on the topic of weather.


Our homework for this week will continue to give the students practice with past tense verbs. We will also begin using a new site called ReadWorks which has a variety of informational texts the students will read. Students will also be viewing short clips from movies and then “writing” these scenes in class. The students will only need to watch these videos at home and in class we will be writing the dialogue. So if they are watching a video for homework, they aren’t lying! 😉

Monday: Watch video clip, LA IXL D.13

Tuesday: Watch video clip, LA IXL D.14

Wednesday: ReadWorks Article: The Whys of Weather: Clouds

Thursday: Readworks Article: The Whys of Weather: Rain

Friday: Relax!

That’s it for now parents! Have a great week!

Mr. Andrew

Week of August 28th to September 1st

Hello parents and students!

We hope you had a great weekend! Last week we had lots of fun, including watching the solar eclipse, performing short plays, and playing Codenames! This week we have even more in store for you! Here is what we have planned:

Language Arts

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This week in Working With Words we will focus on using familiar word families to spell new words and also adding -ing endings to these words. The words of the week are: run, bat, spin, skip, crop, where, and won’t.

In Guided Reading class we will begin a new unit on character traits. This is one of the larger units we do and one of the most important. We will be looking for explicit details in several texts to explain the words and actions of characters and make inferences about them. We will be reading excerpts from  The BFG and Little House in the Big Woods.

In Writing class we will practice writing dialogue to aid us in improving our writing.


Image result for open number line examples

In Math class this week we will continue to use number lines to solve problems.

Social Studies

Image result for government

This week in Social Studies class we will post our class guidelines and continue our talk about rules and consequences, and consider how governments establish laws.


This week’s homework will help the students practice using the past tense of many common irregular verbs. The homework will also help the students improve their fluency with simple addition and subtraction problems.

Monday: 3rd Grade LA IXL D.11 and D.12

Tuesday: 2nd Grade Math IXL K.1 and K.2

Wednesday: Individual IXLs

Thursday: Individual IXLs

Friday: Relax

That’s all for now! Have a great week parents!

Mr. Andrew